Accuplacer Placement Testing

What is the Accuplacer?

The Accuplacer is an electronic placement program which helps us assess your level of knowledge in English and Math. We use the results to determine what level coursework students should enroll in for their first semesters. The Accuplacer provides assessment in the following areas: arithmetic, elementary algebra, college-level math, reading comprehension and sentence skills.

How do I know if I need to take the Accuplacer?

There are separate placements for English and Mathematics. It is possible to have to take both, or one or the other. If you scored lower than a 500 on the Math or Writing portion of the SAT, or lower than a 21 on the Math or English portion of the ACT, then you will need to take the Accuplacer. If you are unsure, please contact the Advising Center at 207-255-1470 and we will be happy to help you figure out which placements you need to take.

When and where do I take the Accuplacer?

Most students will take the Accuplacer during June Welcome (our summer orientation program), or during Fall Orientation. It is also possible to arrange for an individual session at another time by contacting the Advising Center at 207-255-1470.

Tips and Resources:

  • The placement is not timed. Students should plan on at least two hours if both Math and English sections are needed.
  • Unlike most other placements, it is not necessary that students study. However, we do encourage students to review sample questions and to take some time beforehand to brush up on Math and English to ensure accurate placement.  
  • The following resources may be helpful:
    Accuplacer Information
    Sample Questions (PDF Download)
    What is on the Accuplacer Test?
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