UMM Driving Directions

Kirstenn Garrity, Spring 2007

The overall purpose of the two maps I created is to inform the viewers of where places are in location to the school as well as what the Downeast area has to offer to visitors.  The two maps were created with the viewers in perspective as each map contains the pertinent cities/towns and towns in which the viewer would need to know in order to get to the University.  There are more details on each map, like the airports on the driving direction map and the recreation areas on the Downeast map, all which are of use for the visitors.  I created the two maps in hopes that it will be very useful for many different reasons and that people will have a better understanding of where the University is and the area has to offer other than the education aspect of it.

Click the maps to download high resolution versions in PDF format.

New England Driving Directions
Downeast Attractions

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