Scallop Research

Elizabeth Darga, Fall 2007

     The Scallop Spat Bag Research Project map illustrates the location of Dr. Beal's 240 buoy's marking the position of his research units. On September 8th and 9th 2007, 1200 spat bags were placed in the water to collect Scallop larvae. Spat bags are composed of a mesh material, which allow water to flow through them and still collect larval scallops. Coordinate sets were taken for each of the 240 buoys, so that the locations could be mapped and returned to. Of the 48 locations around Beals Island, 24 were in shallow water while the remaining 24 were in significantly deeper water. Each or the 48 locations contain 5 lines of spat bags with each line marked with a buoy. Each of lines has 5 bags, which are evenly spaced a fathoms length apart and tied securely to the main line. The results will demonstrate the locations of varying densities of Scallop larvae in the waters between Jonesport and Beals Island, Maine, USA.  

Scallop Research Map

Scallop Reasearch Map2

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