New Kid on the Water, Where Can I go?

Amanda Butler, Fall 2007

This map will be used by new boat owner at the Wacoma Yacht Club in New Haven, Connecticut to find common vacation spots once taken by previous boat owners over the past 20 years.  The map is of Long Island Sound and Block Island Sound with destination in Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York.  Each plotted point represents a destination's marina with its name, town location and GPS coordinates. The map is to be used as a reference map rather than nautical chart.

The map consists of both detailed states and generalized states.  In other words, the detailed states show most harbor, coves and inlets of the coastline making a familiar relation to the nautical charts but are still simple enough to recognize easily.  The generalized states are without detail but it can be recognized as being a certain state.  The only generalized state is New York excluding Long Island.  Each plotted point is as accurate as 0.001 decimal degrees at which it was rounded.  But the label to each point is exact.  The data points were retrieved from:

And was verified by verteran boat owner of Wacoma.  This site also gives general information on each marina.

Click here to download a PDF version of the map that allows zooming and clickable layers.

 Long Island Sound

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