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4. Basic Principles    5. Detection Methods      6. Chromatograms

7. Instrumentation    8. Experiments                9. Troubleshooting

Chromatograms Continued

flow through IC column showing two different possible paths

Considering the prior question:
If the two ions are traveling at the same speed, set by the flow of the eluent, what can you say about when they will emerge?  Will they emerge at the same time?
From the figure, you should be able to see that the path in red is much shorter than the path in blue.  Since the path is shorter, and the ions are traveling at the same speed, the ion following the red path will emerge first.  Thus a normal chromatogram peak graph showing a simple gaussian curvewill have a gaussian distribution, symmetric around the mean, as seen in the figure on the right. You can also peruse a more extensive mathematical modeling of the chromatogram peak here(link takes you to a different website).

Since we are concerned with the concentration of ions present in the solution, how will the chromatogram change as you increase the amount of analyte loaded onto the column? 


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