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Learning to Use GIS

Trimble GPS: An easy-to-follow and well-illustrated tutorial on GPS technology, including Flash animation. Shockwave player is required to view the tutorial.

Global Positioning System Overview developed by Peter H. Dana, Department of Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 1994. This tutorial is VERY technical.

Notes on Basic GPS Positioning and Geodetic Concepts by the Satellite Navigation & Positioning Laboratory (SNAP) in the School of Surveying & Spatial Information Systems, at the University of New South Wales.

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Working with GPS Data

GPS waypoints to ESRI shapefiles free conversion utility from Minnesota DNR can be used as an extension for ArcView 3.x or as a standalone utility to convert Garmin GPS waypoints to shapefiles.

GPS Utility for managing, manipulating and mapping GPS data from GPS Utility, Ltd.

Ozi Explorer GPS to GIS utility. not free, but works with a large number of GPS brands

ArcScripts ESRI’s database of downloadable extensions and scripts. Be sure to check for documentation and software version compatibility.

Trimble's free mission planning software

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General/ Multipurpose GPS Links

GPS Information Website maintained privately by Joe Mehaffey, Jack Yeazel, Dale DePriest has extensive links, tutorials, FAQs, and more.

GeoCommunity's GPS Page

U.S. Naval Observatory's Navstar GPS website.

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