Bucks HarborGeographic Information Systems Applications II (GIS 330)

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Tora Johnson, Instructor [email]

Course Description: This is an intermediate/advanced course for students who have had some introduction to GIS and wish to pursue applications in the natural sciences. We will focus on grid-based data models for visualization, modeling, and analysis. Assessment will be based on problem sets, lab work, and a final project. Readings, assignments, activities, and discussions will cover: The raster data model, generating and working with grid data, georeferencing images and grids, remote sensing technologies and data, visualizing and managing raster data sets, interpolation methods for generating continuous surface data, mathematical operations with grid data for spatial analysis, map algebra and grid-based modeling, modeling to assess or predict habitat, development, and risk, basic change analysis with satellite imagery, evaluating and documenting error and uncertainty, ethics and accountability in spatial analysis, modeling and visualization. 4 credits.

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