Aitkin County Recreation Trails

Katherine Moore, Spring 2007

My final project is a very basic map to show the popular recreation trails in Aitkin County, Minnesota. I outlined each separate trail with different colors to make them stand out better for the viewer's eyes. There is no shortage of outdoor recreation in Minnesota, and this map will provide outdoor enthusiasts a different guideline for them to use. This map was made for the Jackpine Snowmobile Club of Hill City, Minnesota, and was originally my dad's idea. With the recent purchase of an ATV, he has deemed himself an "ATV enthusiast," and wanted a little map that would help him on his journey of ATV-ing. I didn't have a problem making a map for him by any means, since I, too, have become and "ATV enthusiast". But when he told his friends in the Lion's Club (most of who are in the snowmobile club) about my GIS class, they became interested in a map for the snowmobile club's training classes.

Click here to download a PDF version of the map that allows zooming and clickable layers.

Aitkin County Recreation Trails

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