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35-Year Teaching Veteran Does Student-Teaching Stint

Added on: February 16, 2011

The February 15th issue of the Lewiston Sun Journal featured an article on Bob O'Brien who is finishing his Maine teacher certification through UMM via distance education.

BETHEL — A small group of junior and senior boys clustered around Bob O'Brien as he drew a plan for a lesson on gravitational and kinetic (or motion) energy.

The lab table has a pool ball stuck to a string which in turn is attached to a 2- or 3-foot stationary device.

The boys will experiment with how fast the ball will fall from the table using gravity, then how far and fast the ball will swing from the stationary device.

The lab is all in a day's work in Sarah Southam's physics class at Telstar High School.

O'Brien, a 35-year veteran of teaching science at a private school in Cambridge, Mass., is doing his student teaching.

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