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Machias Valley Run Race Results

Added on: April 24, 2012

MACHIAS, Maine – The first Machias Valley Run, held Saturday, April 21, was deemed a great success by race organizers. Despite the cold, wet, and windy weather, more than 30 racers turned out to participate. The event included half-marathon, five-mile, and one-mile road races that ended at Roque Bluffs State Park.

The event was organized by students in the Environmental Recreation and Tourism Management program at the University of Maine at Machias. Race partners included Roque Bluffs State Park, Machias Police Department, Washington County Sheriff’s Department, Town of Roque Bluffs, Roque Bluffs Fire Department, UMM Facilities staff, Fat Cat Deli, and the UMM Men’s Soccer team.

Organizers are already planning the 2nd Annual Machias Valley Run for spring 2013 and will begin coordinating running groups in the fall.

Machias Valley Run Race Results
Saturday, April 21, 2012

Half Marathon:
1st: Austin Townsend        1:29:40
2nd: Devon Whitbeck        1:34:20
3rd: Kyle Winslow             1:34:33

1st: Samantha Williams    1:51:34
2nd: Paige Wiechman       1:57:03
3rd: Ashley Davis             1:57:06

5-Mile Run:
1st: Alex Brady               41:54
2nd: Evan Merchant        42:17
3rd: Deke Talbot             42:29

1st: Miranda Richardson    46:38
2nd: Alex Patel                   48:54
3rd: Shaelea Perkins           54:16

Complete Race Results for Half Marathon:
Standing    Name                       Time       Hometown
1                 Austin Townsend     1:29:40    Perry, ME
2                Devon Whitbeck       1:34:20    Cobleskill, NY
3                Kyle Winslow           1:34:33    East Machias, ME
4                Aaron Burdeau         1:41:04    Saranac Lake, NY
5                Nathaniel Case         1:43:26    East Machias, ME
6                Craig Kelly               1:48:43    Gosport, England
7                Matthew Cooley       1:50:42    Belmont, MA
8                Michael Giudilli        1:51:33    Machias, ME
9                Samantha Williams   1:51:34    East Machias, ME
10               Paige Wiechman      1:57:03    Machias, ME
11               Ashley Davis           1:57:07    Machias, ME
12               Parker Rossignol      2:01:54    Caswell, ME
13               Joe Whitney            2:01:57    Jonesboro, ME
14               Amanda Overlock    2:03:21    Machias, ME
15               Lisa Athearn           2:16:32    Machias, ME   

Complete Race Results for 5-Mile Run:
Standing    Name                        Time        Hometown
1                Alex Brady                41:54        Erie, PA
2                Evan Merchant          42:17        Beals, ME
3                Deke Talbot               42:29        East Machias, ME
4                Michael Carter           43:54        Northfield, ME
5                Shallee Page               44:20       Machiasport, ME
6                David Dowley            46:18        Roque Bluffs, ME
7                Stuart Swain               46:36       Marshfield, ME
8                Miranda Richardson    46:38        Machias, ME
9                Alex Patel                   48:54        Hampden, ME
10               Chad Everett              51:20        Machiasport, ME
11               Forest Perkins            52:29        Marshfield, ME
12               Shaelea Perkins         54:16        Marshfield, ME
13               Olivia Perkins            56:54        Marshfield, ME
14               Beverly Perkins         58:21        Marshfield, ME
15               Judy Donaher            1:02:12    Roque Bluffs, ME



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